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An Insight of Rolling Element Tools- Ball bearing Rollers
19.07.2018 12:34
Ball bearing Rollers

Ball bearing Rollers | Image Source :

Ball bearings are extremely popular in machinery market because it gives high performance. The main objective of this kind of bearing is to reduce rotational friction by supporting radial and axis loads.

A rolling element has a rotary bearing which utilises a shaft in a much larger hole and cylinders called ‘rollers’ tightly occupy the area between shaft and hole. Since bearing is round the load never falls out if place. Rolling elements make use of cage feature which prevents friction by reducing rubbing between elements but this is not the case with spherical roller thrust bearing.

Roller Bearings and High Performance Subtypes
Cylindrical Roller

Roller bearings are the earliest rolling element bearing. Roller bearings make use of cylinders of greater length than diameter. They give higher load capacity and large friction under radial loads. One problem is that, if inner and outer races have an alignment defect the bearing capacity drops down very swiftly as compared to normal ball bearing or spherical roller thrust bearing.

Gear Bearing
There is an alternation of rollers and gearwheels. There is an accurate ratio of rollers’ diameter to gearwheels’ pitch diameter. The widths are same. Gear bearings find an important use as an efficient rotary suspension and in gear mechanisms in measuring instruments and watches.

Tapered Roller
They require conical rollers that run on conical races. It supports both radial and axial loads. Tapered rollers are used extensively as automobile bearing say for example as wheel bearings of wheeled road vehicles. Having more complex making these are available at high rates in the market. In case of heavy loads the roller behaves like a wedge and carrying loads can lead to ejection of the roller. It has more friction as compared to other bearings.

Needle Roller
Since the rollers are thin, the outer diameter of the bearing is slightly larger than the hole in the centre. The small diameter rollers must show a considerable amount of bend where they meet the races and so this type of bearing gets tired easily.

Maintenance of Bearings
Some bearings require lubrication while others don’t. Bearings that require little maintenance include ball bearing rollers, magnetic and fluid bearings. Bearing life can be increased when it is kept clean and lubricated. It is notable that bearings in conveyor of a rock crusher are exposed to hard particles. Cleaning is of little value here since it gets contaminated again and again.

In factories, machines now have lube systems in which central pump is meant for time to time discharges of grease from a reservoir through lube lines into the machines bearing surfaces. The frequent lubrication of ball bearing rollers inside the unit provides a restricted kind of cleaning action, by displacing older oil or grease with a fresh charge, which itself collects gravel before being displaced by the next lubricating chain.


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