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Classic Jeeps – The Unexplainable Charm
12.02.2016 16:02

                                                                              Classic Jeep


Though the origin of the name Jeep has no proven source, most of the theory says that it may be originated from the military sources the GP which is an abbreviation for Government Purposes or General Purpose”. The jeep was formerly acquired by the FCA US LLC which is the division of American Automobiles owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. 


Jeep which was widely used by the military forces was first produced in 1941 and was the prototype of “Bantam BRC”. This was the first and foremost classic jeeps and the oldest four-wheelers which underwent mass production. Today jeep is widely known as the SUV’s. During world war 11 this vehicle was largely used and it was the primary 4-wheeler drive of the US and even after the war it had been widely in use. 


The History of Classic Jeep


During 1945 it was introduced to the civilians, inspired by the Land Rover. After that other nations started introducing such vehicle which were used for both civilians and the military. Later it was produced all over the world imitating the model of “Bantam BRC”. Even the France has started manufacturing them by Delahaye and by Hotchkiss et Cie and Japan by  Mitsubishi Motors and Toyota.


                                                                               Vintage Jeeps


The modern art museum then described this innovation as the most functionalist design and started exhibiting these models which gave more popularity to vintage Jeeps. Jeeps become very popular after the war and people started getting them  in markets. 


 The Jeepney another model of jeeps which were produced by the Philippines, was used as a taxi or a bus for transportation during Pilipino war. These were built by widening the back tub of the jeep, which allowed more passengers to travel. Post world-war, the vehicle was improved and several new designs were introduced which included a model that can run underwater. In 1950, this new model N8ss-2660 was approved and around 1000 units were manufactured to serve the underwater operations. During the Vietnam War it has developed i to M715 1.25-ton army truck. 


The first CJ or civilian jeep was begun in 1953 with the introduction of CJ-3B. The early jeeps were called as the flatfenders as their front were flat. The jeep brand was acquired by many companies starting with Willys, later the jeep was sold to Kaiser Motors in 1953 to become the Kaiser Jeep in 1963. The AMC brought it from the Kaiser group and then the French automaker Renault and then came through several companies to the current Chrysler Group LLC, until December 15, 2014. 


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