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Hotel Management Courses – Make a Career in the Tourism Sector
03.05.2016 15:25

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Hotel management has become one of the popular courses in India. There are many colleges and institutes in the country which are offering various courses in the subject. The travel and tourism sector is one of the rapidly growing industries of the country. a large part of GDP comes from this sector. Every year there are millions of tourists visiting India and this number just keeps on increasing every year. This boom in the tourism sector has increased the growth of hotels and resorts in the country. There are many five star rated hotels and resorts which are now opening up throughout the nation. 

Need of Hotel Management Courses in India

The need for efficient staff to run the hotels and resorts has increased. The industry requires trained people to run the hotels and resorts to take care needs of the guests and tourists. Most of the people who are employed in various hotels are without any professional hotel management courses. There are many qualities which are required from the staff of the hotels, for example being courteous, dedicated, and sociable. The hospitality sector requires those employees who understand the way how to treat the guests. 

There are plenty of institutes in the country today which now offers various courses in the hospitality sector to make students employable in the tourism sector. The hotel management institutes teach both theoretical and practical lessons related to working in the hotel. The theoretical part focuses on the technicalities of running the hotel while the practical part of the course focus on giving hand on experience to the student on how to run the hotel. The courses offered make the students aware of the operating areas of the hotel like service keeping, and catering, sales, marketing, food and beverage, and general operations of the hotel.

The minimum requirement for having a course in hotel management is 12th standard pass. Those who have a graduation degree are also eligible to apply for the courses. A hotel management diploma or degree has 6 months to 3 year duration. The admission is done on merit. There is generally a written exam which is followed by a personal interview. The job prospects of the student pursuing the course are very good. The aviation industry, hotel industry, tourism firms, travel agent firms and PR industry always finds the students of this course as extremely suitable and talented for the various openings which comes up in the industry.


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