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Spherical Plain Bearing-To Help You Choose Right for the Right Equipment
21.03.2018 12:07

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There are different types of bearings such as plain bearings, jewel bearings, rolling bearings, magnetic bearings and fluid bearings. Automobiles and equipments use bearings but it differs from industry to industry. These types of bearings are further sub-divided into bearings that are named for its size, shape, purpose, performance and the longevity. For example; if we discuss spherical plain bearing, we could say that it rotates along in the centre with the help of an inner wheel that rotates at the right direction for smooth functioning. 


Spherical Plain Bearing


Spherical bearing pillow block is one of its kind. A pillow block is a support that you use with a rotating bearing. Cast iron or steel may be used for making the pillow block. This kind of support system could use different kind of bearing for the purpose of rolling and they may be cylindrical, spherical, ball bearing or tapered. You can use this type of support system only for lightweight usage. What’s more, there are different sizes and styles available to choose from too. Standard duty, medium duty, light duty and heavy duty are some of the names given to pillow block according to their type of function. 


Angular Contact ball Bearing


That brings us to the other kind of ball bearing namely, the angular contact ball bearing. It has an asymmetrical design with capacity of high thrust and rigidity of axis that helps in bear both radial and axis loads. Designing of the ball bearing include single row, double row or four-point contact bearings. The speed and load capacity of these type of bearings depend upon the series that you opt for. An example would be 02 series would take in the highest load but would have the lowest speed. In the same way 18 series would have the highest speed but would have low load capacity. 


This type of bearing need the right kind of lubricant to ensure that there is no contamination. This is possible through fluid retention and therefore, the right type of shields and seals are to be used. Angular contact ball bearing can be made of plastic, stainless steel or even ceramic.

Though angular bearings are used for bigger loads, due to its use and application, you would find spherical plain bearing in sewing machines, heavy machineries, car engines, steering wheels, car suspensions and engines. It also comes in different sizes and what’s more, you could even get it custom made, if you contact the right manufacturing company!


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