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Wedding Planners in Mumbai- The Love Managers
20.04.2016 17:56

                                                                    Wedding Planners in Mumbai

The season for wedding is all year round! Especially in a country like India where weddings are so extravagant and of cultural significance, it is important to plan out your wedding. There is a state within India with a high population density -Mumbai. In Mumbai, having a perfect wedding is a dream come true. There will always be some sort of a problem that must be managed- whether it be location of the wedding, power supply, the catering or the decor. 


To handle all these, here’s a guide to the best wedding planner in Mumbai. Elite wedding planner is a group that manages weddings all over India for various to-be couples. At Elite, they plan out your wedding in a stylish manner with elements of glamour, fun and elegance. They offer various packages such as “Complete Wedding Planning”, “Partial Wedding Planning”, “Destination Wedding Planning”, “Theme Decoration and Styling”. These packages vary in the level of involvement of this agency in the wedding.


Finding the perfect level of involvement of wedding planners


In complete wedding planning, the planner takes care of the entire wedding from scratch. Partial wedding planning takes care of the services portions of the wedding. Destination wedding planning helps target the perfect wedding destination and decorations that must be done. Theme decoration and styling are done mainly for the weddings that just require the decorations and not other matters of concern. 


Other top wedding planners in mumbai are as MarryMe, The Wedding Co, Momente, The Proposal Wedding planners and many more. Most of these have their own online websites and can be contacted on the numbers that are provided on these sites. 


MarryMe has various services such as custom wedding packages that can be put together entirely by the customer, Wedding Budget Management that brings you the best possible options in the budget that you’ve set for the wedding, wedding venues and locations selection, wedding menu planning and design and decor.


The Wedding Co also are among the top wedding planners of the city of mumbai. They offer amazing services such as planning out the engagement ceremony, or sangeet ceremony, mehendi, the entertainment portion of a marriage, selecting a venue, printing out the perfect wedding cards, catering, design and decor etc. These wedding planners are a joy to work with and are not over priced but be warned that the budget of the wedding often determines the cost of the planning.  


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