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Working Of A Roller Thrust Bearing In Comparison To Other Types Of Bearings
30.11.2017 17:10

First let us know, how useful a bearing can be, and then we can go to its different types for more information. The bearing is a machine element that reduces friction between two or more moving parts with force controlled on anticipated motion. These mechanical devices also manage to keep the force balanced in the shape of stress and reduce friction. In simple words, these bearings are there to let a device move or roll in smooth strength with promoting greater efficiency along with speed in a specific type of mechanical application.


Now, we know how the bearings works, we can proceed to the main topic which is the roller thrust bearing. These are the special types of bearings that are in use when large thrust loads are needed regarding on particular mechanical applications. One of the best uses of this kind of bearing is in the form of car transmissions between its gears and rotating shafts. As per many experts, who believe the helical gears are best goers with this roller thrust type, and because of the gear having angled teeth and helps in bringing the needed thrust.


Roller Thrust Bearings


Types of Bearings Other Than the Roller Thrust


While there are many types of bearings present, but we will focus on the few, which have various applications, and used throughout the world. These are vividly described below:




The most common types of bearings are the ball bearings because these can be seen throughout the world in several applications. These are general types of bearings which are capable of handling thrust and radial loads.


Ball Thrust: 


These are categorized as a more advanced version of the standard ball types. But, these are also able to handle much more loads with more thrust than its predecessors.




These are the most practical types of bearing that became favorites to many users. One of the most advanced pieces of bearings is even out the weight distribution to hold the greater weight.


Tapered Roller


A bearing type has the ability to support massive thrust and radial loads, which can be found in particular car hubs, and supports pushed in two directions for better ability.


Other Sub-Types of Thrust Roller Bearing


There are other types of bearings as well, and one of them is the spherical roller thrust bearings, which are used in asymmetrical rollers. This type of bearing is a subpart to the thrust bearings, along with few others such as the fluid, magnetic, and cylindrical thrust roller bearing.


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